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This web page mirrors the site www.valmikiramayn.net

In these web pages, the verses of vAlmIki rAmAyaNa, so far encoded for Sanskrit 98 and Translit 98 fonts are experimentally transposed to UTF-8 encoding. Readers are requested to tune their machines to enable International Support to show Indic languages, Sanskrit 2003 and URW Palladio ITU fonts.

Included here is a 3 MB pdf file of Introduction, which contains a detailed preface and exhaustive notes given by Shreemaan C. R. Srinivasa Ayyangar in his prose translation of Valmiki Ramayana, a 1910 publication, of which only bAla and ayodhya kANDA-s are available in the corpus of Digital Library of India. 

Zip file containing Sanskrit 2003 and URW Palladio ITU - UTF fonts -- 375kb